Server Info

Server Vila Talisman
Experience x30
Max Level 60
Energy Rate x100
Max Drop Golden 1%
Max Combine Plus +10
Money Drop Type Cooper, Silver, Gold
Pet level 25

These rates are not stable, changes may be occurring, but stay tuned to the latest news, any changes to our server, all are notified through the website, where you can view a complete article with all information and reports along with information complete and dates.
Essas taxas nao sao estaveis, alteracoes podem estar ocorrendo, mas fique atento as ultimas noticias, quaisquer alteracoes ao nosso servidor, todas sao notificadas atraves do site, onde voce pode visualizar um artigo completo com todas as informacoes e relatorios junto com informacoes completas e datas .

Gems nao vende na T-Point Shop, mas cai em todos os lugares, em bosses, morbs, entao e muito facil consegui-lo. / Gems doesn't sell in T-Point Shop, but drops everywhere, in bosses, morbs so is really easy to get it.