Gift System Guide

How to get points?

There are two ways of getting points, but there are multiple point types, so there are different methods for each point type. Firsty, there are Gift Points..what are they good for ? With these points you can buy items in the "Gift Shop" or exchange them for "D-Points" when you have a certain amount of G-Points. These can be gotten off killing gift points monster, here's a short list of tasks you can accomlish in order to get some G-Points:

Amount of Points Rewarded
Picture Boss Name Location Points Rewarded
Morbs Invasion 1 Gift Points All maps every day at 23:00 Game time 1
Morbs Invasion 5 Gift Points All maps every day at 23:00 Game time 5
All Veterans All Veterans From Level 25 - 49 4

Killing any of the bosses that are specified above will earn your more points (they will be added automatically), when making a purchase in one of our shops there's no need to contact an administrator to assist you, as everything's totally automatically done, items are sent to you within the Post System in game without needing to re-login.

There is no way to "pay" for these points, they are free, however, they can only be obtained using the two methods mentioned above: By voting or killing in-game bosses that were mentioned above.

Questions and answers about the system about the "Gift Points"

  • Question: When fighting a boss with my team, will everyone get the G-Points?
  • Answer: No, points will be earned by the person who got the rumor, in that case, the person who had the last boss that killed the boss.