• This system works as a reward for the best, here, the top 10 list at the end of each week, will earn 20% of all the points you made by‚Äč killing boss in the game. This is a reward, and dispute at the same time, no matter if his name appeared three times in the list, it means you have a great reputation in achieving our GPoints, keep your seat, because the profits are large.
    People who earned more "Gift points" by killing boss.
    Picture Boss Name Character Name Guild Level Kills Points earned Medals
    1 Gift PointsSpiritAsgard7019721972
    1 Gift PointsMeroWizardOnWars7014821482
    1 Gift PointsMonkVrauAgulasNegras7012631263
    1 Gift PointsDoctorNew_Generation7012361236
    1 Gift PointsDominiCNewGroundZ7010271027
    1 Gift PointsMitoUzumakiAsgard70928928
    1 Gift PointsBerlinBBNewGroundZ70899899
    5 Gift PointsDominiCNewGroundZ708894445
    5 Gift PointsSpiritAsgard708564280
    1 Gift PointsPredator04AgulasNegras70832832
    1 Gift PointsICEAgulasNegras70831831
    1 Gift PointsJuicyImperius70820820
    5 Gift PointsRageOriginalNewGroundZ707913955
    1 Gift PointsRageOriginalNewGroundZ70780780
    5 Gift PointsJuicyImperius707413705
    1 Gift PointsxBigMOM---70718718
    1 Gift PointsRadiNew_Generation70707707
    5 Gift PointsMeroWizardOnWars706873435
    1 Gift PointsBieel---70677677
    1 Gift PointszXAxLXzYou_Down65663663
    5 Gift PointszXAxLXzYou_Down656353175
    1 Gift PointsBringerTitans70581581
    1 Gift PointsDreSsRosa---70574574
    5 Gift PointsMitoUzumakiAsgard705732865
    1 Gift PointsSaradaUchihaBiju70566566
    1 Gift PointsBrainChiLD---70551551
    5 Gift PointsSaradaUchihaBiju705462730
    5 Gift PointsIceZoneAsgard705412705
    1 Gift PointsFiatUnoUchiha---70528528
    1 Gift PointsIceZoneAsgard70527527