• This system works as a reward for the best, here, the top 10 list at the end of each week, will earn 20% of all the points you made by‚Äč killing boss in the game. This is a reward, and dispute at the same time, no matter if his name appeared three times in the list, it means you have a great reputation in achieving our GPoints, keep your seat, because the profits are large.
    People who earned more "Gift points" by killing boss.
    Picture Boss Name Character Name Guild Level Kills Points earned Medals
    1 Gift PointsSpiritAsgard6519721972
    1 Gift PointsDominiCNewGroundZ65865865
    5 Gift PointsSpiritAsgard658564280
    1 Gift PointsBerlinBBNewGroundZ65826826
    5 Gift PointsDominiCNewGroundZ657773885
    1 Gift PointsDoctorAsgard65718718
    1 Gift PointsJuicyImperius65706706
    5 Gift PointsJuicyImperius656703350
    1 Gift PointszXAxLXzYou_Down65663663
    5 Gift PointszXAxLXzYou_Down656353175
    1 Gift PointsxBigMOM---65548548
    1 Gift PointsBieelAsgard65464464
    5 Gift PointsRageOriginalNewGroundZ654342170
    1 Gift PointsMitoUzumakiAsgard65429429
    1 Gift PointsRageOriginalNewGroundZ65423423
    1 Gift PointsHitmanLMBGO65420420
    5 Gift PointsDeviasAsgard653711855
    5 Gift PointsIceZoneAsgard653601800
    1 Gift PointsDeviasAsgard65347347
    1 Gift PointsChavinho---65335335
    1 Gift PointsIceZoneAsgard65332332
    1 Gift PointsDeusaAsgard65329329
    1 Gift PointsInvokerUntouclaBles65328328
    5 Gift PointsMitoUzumakiAsgard653171585
    1 Gift PointsKingSinAsgard65312312
    5 Gift PointsChavinho---653101550
    1 Gift PointsBrainChiLD---65305305
    1 Gift PointsLadyLaneNewGroundZ65290290
    5 Gift PointsBieelAsgard652571285
    1 Gift PointsLuciferoAsgard65247247